(Please use this blog as a means to familiarize yourself with our sim,  its rules,  and inhabitants.)

(6-29-12) Added a page for City of Edo news, here!

While building I have run into more than a few people who are very confused about what these Japanese Gorean builds are about.  The author wanted us to know the Priest Kings took some people from Japan who because of technology limitations and laws the Priest King’s have attributed to the planet Gor, and finally it being a male dominated planet,  are reliving ancient times when there were Geisha and slaves.  When you arrive in City of Edo, you are on planet Gor not in Japan, the people you are role playing with that are native to World’s End are called Pani.

City of Edo, is a BTB Flexible, Gorean Pani role play sim.  By the book for us means using the guidelines of John Norman’s fantasy books of Gor and applying them to our written word, so if you see a “crane” or a fish that might not look to you like a bird from Gor pretend it is.  (More on this here)

We are a small group of interested role players, that realize there needs to be more than the initial greeting.  So we decided to put in place at least in part a Fuedal lord system or such as the houses described in the story of Morrowind,  (More on this here).  Contract women who are not already contracted can take advantage of Kaori’s, “Moon Orchid House,”  (More on this hereEach player within these role types controls their own destiny whether they enjoy a single aspect or rise to the top the player can reach a high amount of status, power, or simply be very good at what you enjoy to do.

For those interested please take the time with a hot drink in the morning to read some of the rule sections and books quotes if your not familiar.   There is a few areas where I have reiterated rules and statements where I felt there is a need.   Any questions, suggestions, or amendments should be placed in the mailbox located on the docks.  

Thank you and we look forward to meeting your Gorean Character.